6 ways to boost your confidence in the world of motherhood

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After marriage and pregnancy, you may feel stressed and start asking yourself how ready you are for this new stage, and whether or not you will be able to go through it and take the responsibility with all its burdens and pressure.

Don’t worry, this feeling is normal. But don’t allow yourself to be misled by it because it could be a slippery slope to lack of self-confidence and fear of the coming stage. What you should do is repeat to yourself that you are strong, that you can endure and face all the obstacles, that you are going to be a great wife and mother and that you will be up to it.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to boost your confidence:

1- Ignore all the unwanted opinions and voices around you
In any case, people, whether close or intruders, will always intervene in every detail of your life and the way you raise your kids, and unfortunately, there is no way to stop them. So don’t pay attention to what they say or do, keep it together and stay calm, and stick to the advice of an expert or someone close to you.

2- Don’t compare yourself to others
Rest assured that every family has its own lifestyle and habits that depend on its childhood and upbringing. So don’t compare yourself with other mothers and their ways of parenting. Just talk to those around you to benefit from their previous experiences in life instead of comparing. Only then will you find and know more about your abilities and be a great mother as well, one who has her own personality and her own way of raising her kids.

3- Contain your feeling of guilt toward your decisions
After giving birth, you may have to make many big or small decisions that may cause you a sense of guilt or negligence toward your kid, like “the decision to return to work.”.

This is a very natural feeling, but you have to provide the appropriate environment and conditions for your kid to cope with being away from you. Try to hold up until the first period of this stage is over, and you will find that things have stabilized. Take it easy on yourself, this feeling could negatively affect your confidence and may even mess up with your decision.

4- Take care of yourself as a new mother
After giving birth to your first baby, many of the luxuries and entertainment activities that you are used to having in your life will become a mere joke, like “taking a nap, reading or relaxing”. You won’t have the personal time you need for relaxing. The question is; what stops you from asking the help of someone close like “your mother – sisters – friends” or even getting a nanny for your kids if this was possible, to make your life easier and get some rest or sleep during the day, or have a meal, or even read one of your favorite books?!

So seek the help of your mother or your mother-in-law at the beginning of your journey so you can keep going on.

5- Organize your time and set the priorities of your chores
Doing your chores is more difficult than before, so set your priorities like meeting your husband’s needs – organizing your home – doing your job – in addition to being a good mother.

6- Enjoy your time with your baby
Being with your baby, playing and having fun are the most enjoyable moments that are unforgettable at all.

Share with us your experience with your first baby, the difficulties you faced and how you managed to overcome them.


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