8 Signs That You’re Pregnant with a Baby Girl

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We can’t tell for sure whether you’re pregnant with a boy or a girl before the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy; even medicine can’t give you a definitive answer in the first months. But there are some signs that could tell you that you’re probably pregnant with a baby girl. Today we’ll share these signs with you, but don’t consider them definitive.

One: Breast size
Being pregnant with a girl will make your left breast look a little smaller than your right breast.
Two: Skin softness
When you’re pregnant with a girl your skin will feel softer than when you’re pregnant with a boy.
Three: Nausea
You’ll feel nauseous anyway, but when the fetus is a girl you’ll get morning sickness every day.
Four: Appetite for sweets
When you’re pregnant with a girl you’ll need more sweets than when you’re pregnant with a boy.
Five: Hair problems
It is common for pregnancy to cause some changes in your hair, whether for better or for worse, but being pregnant with a girl usually causes more hair damage and weakness.
Six: How you sleep
Women pregnant with girls are more comfortable sleeping on their right side than in any other position.
Seven: excessive irritability
Women pregnant with girls are often in a worse mood during their pregnancy, they are more irritable and very moody.
Eight: Change in urine color
Urine color changes during pregnancy into dark yellow, and is usually darker when the baby is a girl than it is when it’s a boy.

Again, we reiterate that these are mere signs with no scientific proof. They were discovered through studies and experiments on pregnant women. So don’t react happily or sadly to feeling any of these signs, wait till you’re sure and consult your doctor.

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