Alcohol and Conception and Pregnancy

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Effects of Alcohol on Fertility

Even moderate alcohol consumption may lower fertility in both men and women. Regardless of your drinking habits, when it comes to conception, it should be considered that infertility levels increase by degrees with men and women who drink alcohol. Research shows that even women, who drink very moderately had lowered fertility. Men, who drink alcohol regularly, have lower sperm motility and concentration.

Several studies have shown:

  • Both women and men should avoid drinking alcohol while trying to conceive.
  • Women who consume more than 5 alcoholic beverages per week have lowered fertility and can take a longer time to conceive.
  • Men who regularly consume alcohol have lower sperm motility and of poor quality and concentration.
  • Alcohol depresses the adrenal glands and the release of hormones produced by the adrenal glands.
  • Alcoholic beverages contain a lot of sugar, which decreases fertility by hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, yeast infection, as well as leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Impact of Alcohol during Pregnancy:

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause major health problems for the baby. Excessive alcohol consumption throughout pregnancy may lead to teratogens. It may also increase risk of miscarriage, pre-term labor and delivery, and placental abruption.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is another serious risk in higher alcohol consuming pregnant mothers.

Alcohol can cause your baby to:

  • Have birth defects in heart, brain and other organs or have problems in his/her senses as vision or hearing
  • Be born prematurely
  • Be a low birth weight
  • Have intellectual disabilities or speech and language delays
  • Have learning and behavior problems
  • Have sleeping and sucking problems

 Quitting Alcohol

  • Understand that quitting alcohol can be a challenge if it is a regular habit.
  • Educate yourself to the risks to help Change your attitude and ask help from friends – look at the bigger picture – a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • Have alternative drinks to hand which you like.
  • Keep yourself busy with things you like to do and make time to relax in other ways, for example a walk or a warm bath.
  • If necessary avoid people or situations to start with where you’re likely to drink
  • Ask for medical help or emotional support if needed.

Your Doctor can help you to quit alcohol and it is important that if you are struggling to cut down or stop drinking alcohol that you seek help as soon as you can for the health of both you and your baby.

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