Arts and Crafts

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Your baby may not be ready for heavy duty art time with the family, but there are some fun things you can do with your baby creatively. Arts and crafts are a great way to involve older children in the day with their baby brother or sister.  Sit everyone around the table, with the baby in the high chair, and do something together.  Your baby will enjoy the experience more than you think, even if they do not yet understand the concept.

Double Bracket: From 6 months of age your baby will love to be involved in arts and crafts and this can be fun for all the family.Use safe, age appropriate products and have fun!


The main thing you need to consider when doing arts and crafts with your baby is the quality of supplies.  There are plenty of supplies out there labeled “Non-toxic”.  Babies put everything in their mouths.   Even with the best supervision, chances should not be taken with this.  Keep plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, such as wet cloths or baby wipes, for quick wiping of little hands and feet.  With no-toxic supplies, you won’t panic, at least, if something makes it into your baby’s mouth by accident.  If the older children are using more advanced supplies which are smaller be careful your baby doesn’t get their hands on them as this could be a choking hazard.


Most babies love to explore new textures.  Non-toxic edible play-dough can be made at home with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.  Older kids can get involved in the mixing of ingredients while your baby enjoys the final product.  Finger paints and paper can also be put inside a secure zip kitchen bag with a piece of paper and handed over to your baby to squish and feel.  You will get something special to put in the baby book when your darling is done playing with the items.  Simply pull the piece of paper out of the bag and allow to air dry.  The smooth texture of the paints can be felt through the bag. 

Hand and Foot Prints

Parents never seem to tire of getting sweet little foot prints as a gift from their kids.  You can easily do these at home with some baby safe ink pads.  Use fun colors for some creative results.  You can use the hand and foot prints to make fun animals and other designs.  You can even put the stamps on T-shirts so you can wear your baby’s artwork wherever you go.  They may also look cute on a diaper or tote bag.  Use your imagination to come up with some new and inventive ways to incorporate your little angel’s hand or foot prints with everyday items.

It will be awhile before your baby can grasp the actual concept of arts and crafts, however the interaction and exploration can be very rewarding.  Your baby will learn to start recognizing colors and pictures.  You will end up with some great memory pieces to put in your memory albums or frame for the wall, as well.  Arts and crafts are also a great way to keep older siblings busy while taking care of the baby.  There are plenty of crafts that you can use for different ages.  Do some research and then find a way to make your own art experiences special.  

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