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Double Bracket: Your baby’s curiosity and your imagination combined are all you need to create activity and learning in your home environment …Enjoy the fun!A baby brings so much happiness and joy. Every day there are new experiences for both baby and parents. Right from the very beginning it is important to channelize the energies of a child in a positive direction. At 6-9 months of age babies are active and do not spend so much of the day sleeping. They are awake and active for long stretches and one can make good use of these active hours to involve the baby in certain activities that help in the development of the child. Social skills, motor skills, eating habits, creative thinking; all start, and must be developed, from the very beginning.

Whilst feeding time can be combined with activities like listening to music or watching a cartoon, the rest of the time gives way to several interesting activities. You will be surprised at how much a baby can do!


  • You can prepare natural and safe home-made dough for your child. Playing with dough gives your child great practice at motor skills.
  • Prepare a sensory box – add things that a child can touch and feel, make it a mix of textures! Grains, pebbles, foam, dough … the options are endless.
  • Finger painting is great fun – let your child go wild experimenting and discovering the beautiful world of colors. A big canvas or cloth sheet with natural chemical free colors can make for the perfect activity!
  • Food play is imaginative – let your child discover the tastes, textures and colors of different foods – for example ice, raw vegetables and fruits, cereals and grains.
  • Make music with household items – empty cans and vessels and a stick or bare hands is all you need for a loud but exciting time with your baby. Include cans and pots of different materials. Make sure you do not use glass or anything with sharp edges.
  • Rain Dancing! Organize a rain dance by fitting shower heads on a hose. Get into the pool with your baby and have a gala time! You could include floating toys or just some plastics to add to the fun!  Remember to think pool safety at all times.
  • Create printed cards – let your child dip their hands and feet in natural organic paint and create prints for cards, collages, or just plain art!


The house is full of ideas and so is the internet! Invest time in coming up with interesting activities that your child can enjoy and also learn from. Developing sensory and motor skills is important and this age is perfect to begin! Your child is naturally curious – add fuel to the curiosity! 


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