Avoid These Common Mistakes with Children

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What are the common mistakes that you should avoid with your child?

Many of them are behaviors that mothers inherit from their mothers or grandmothers, and then apply, despite the fact that they may sometimes be wrong.

Do you realize, for example, that under no circumstances should cotton swabs be used in your child’s ears? Here is your guide to the bad habits of health and nutrition to avoid with your children:


  • Many mothers tend to put small pillows and stuffed animals in their babies’ beds. It’s better not to do this for children when they first start moving and turning over because the movement of the pillows or toys inside the bed may lead to suffocation; they may not necessarily be able to keep them away.


  • Avoid high pillows when your child starts to stand on their own; they may use them to climb and, as a result, risk falling out of bed.


  • Keep your child away from exposure to the sun before they’ve turned one because their delicate skin is fragile and will be burned within minutes. Use sunscreen made especially for children, chosen according to your pediatrician’s instructions.


  • Do not leave your child in a stroller—no matter how comfortable and conducive to sleep it is—for more than an hour under any circumstances. The sitting position may affect breathing and spinal health.


  • Many mothers give their children cough medicine at the first cough they’re exposed to, although coughing may be a defensive response of the respiratory system to something getting in the way of its functioning.


  • In the first four days of any cough, you should pay attention to humidifying the child’s room and persevere in giving them a lot of fluids to moisturize their body, as well.


  • Finally, don’t hurry to make your child stand up before their seventh or even eighth month, even holding them by their arms or under their armpits; this might expose the spine and leg bones to risk because they’re not yet able to carry the weight of their body.

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