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It’s Test Day! What Should Your Child Eat?

After weeks and weeks of preparation, it is finally the morning of the exam. Good nutrition can go a long way in helping your child perform at his or her peak. To learn more about what eating habits are best to adopt on test day, we spoke to Dr. Hussein F. Hassan, assistant professor of Food Science and Technology at the Lebanese American University.

1. Eggs

“One of the best breakfast foods to have on test day is eggs. They are rich in protein which will help improve focus and satisfy appetite longer than other foods—so there will be less likelihood that your child will get hungry in the middle of the test.”

2. Whole Grains

“Whole grains are important because they release glucose slowly into the body, and therefore, your child will be more alert throughout the day.”

3. Oatmeal

“Oatmeal is a great choice because it is rich in fiber, which provides a steady stream of energy for children. I recommend pairing it with strawberries and almonds.”

4. Thyme

“A staple of Lebanese cuisine, thyme “zaatar,” dipped in olive oil is known to improve memory and concentration.”

5. Water

“Getting enough water is always important, but even more so during test day. Dehydration can prompt tiredness and drain energy that your child needs for his/her test.”

6. Smart Snacks

“Nutritious snacks like fruits and nuts can help keep energy levels up. Make sure to avoid Nutella or other sugar-intensives treats since you could risk an energy high and crash during the test.”

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