Bright Minds Institute Home Activity: Peg Counting

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Step 1: Find a dozen or so pegs and put them on the table. 

Step 2:  Find a long cardboard paper or a lolly ice stick on which to place the pegs. 

Step 3:  Ask your child to take a specific number of pegs and attach them to the paper.  You can then ask him to take off a certain number of pegs or add another number of pegs.  You can use the pegs to introduce him to the basic principles of addition and subtraction.  For example, if you are using 10 pegs, ask your child to take 4 pegs away.  Ask them how many pegs are left: 10 – 4 = 6.  You can do the same with addition.  Use as many equations and variations as you like. 

The pegs are a great tool as it gives your child something tangible to visualize quantities, as well as subtraction and addition concepts.  The pegs are quite difficult to open and close as well, which adds a nice fine motor skill component to this activity. 


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