What are Children Learning in the Nursery?

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It’s a question every mother faces when her child turns two: is the nursery necessary for my child’s personality? Is sending them to kindergarten really worth the suffering and the money? Many Arab mothers hesitate at this stage, especially if they have a nanny or a maid at home.

Experts in child-rearing advise parents never to delay sending their child to a nursery school class for a number of reasons.


  • Remember, first, that this step at your child’s age represents the beginning of their exit from the house into the outside world, where they will find themselves in a sea of new experiences that will help develop their personality.
  • The nursery is an example of the first seed sown in a child’s personality, as it kicks off a rich phase in their psychological, social, intellectual and physical development.
  • Do not take lightly the fact that your child will learn some letters of the alphabet; soon, they will be able to recognize their name, as well as yours and that of your husband.
  • The nursery helps your child to discover colours, shapes and other things, especially when they learn to draw and colour based on random sketches begun at home.
  • In kindergarten, your child will learn to share with other children for the first time, and they will experience brotherhood and gentleness in one of their most special forms. This will reinforce their self-confidence and their ability to work in a group from an early age.
  • This educational stage is theoretically a great support for only children and autistic children because it encourages integration and helps develop feelings of friendship and the spirit of belonging to a major group that shares both laughter and trials.
  • The interaction between children in kindergarten reinforces your child’s language and enriches it by adding new words, an outcome of forcing them to converse with other children, whether in class or during breaks.
  • Finally, in this stage of their life, your toddler will learn to recognize a new face of power in their teacher, who will guide them to get the most out of their time in the system—and have fun!

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