Children’s Bedroom Carpet: Ideas and Expert Advice

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Children’s bedrooms are versatile rooms; they are used for sleep and/or playing and studying. In some spacious rooms, there might even be a sitting corner for watching TV. Carpets are essential part of these rooms, as they spread warmth and add an aesthetic touch to the place.

Hayfa Arqaji, manager of The Rug Company in Beirut, shares with you some tips in this respect:
– There are no predetermined rules for buying carpets for bedrooms; it is a matter of personal preferences and there are countless designs to choose from.
– It is advisable not to choose children-specific designs, so as to make the carpet last longer even when you change the furniture, especially if it’s a fancy carpet you have. You might be able to use it somewhere else after changing the furniture, placing it in the house entrance or in the sitting room for example. Unique and creative designs made from natural materials and colors will not make your children feel bored, as they stay bright and shiny like jewelry.
– The size of the carpet should fit the size of the room; carpets are like clothes, if the carpet is too big it’ll take over the whole room, and if it’s too small the room will look empty.
– Consider placing a U-shaped carpet around the bed, to provide warmth for your child when he gets up from bed. You can also place carpets in the play or sitting area in his room.
– Carpets come in all kinds of colors and designs, to choose the right color and design for your taste without being restricted to dark colors, try to choose a carpet that you can wash often without losing its glow.
– Before purchasing the carpet, remember that a high-quality and fancy carpet is a sort of investment; as it lasts much longer.




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