Child’s Pose – a Yoga stretch

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An excellent stretch for hip and back pain in pregnancy

Yoga has many exercises that can benefit us in pregnancy.

The child’s pose stretches and elongates the muscles along the spine that often get tight during pregnancy and may contribute to poor posture and muscle imbalances, leading to pelvic girdle pain. 

Instructions for the stretch

Child’s pose involves assuming a kneeling position and lowering the body onto the thighs such that the lower body is resting over the feet and ankles and the upper body on the fronts of the thighs. The forehead rests on the floor while the arms are extended outward, palms to the floor. During later pregnancy, the knees are usually spread apart during this pose.

Breathing during stretches

Take some time when performing the stretch and be aware of your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply and each time you breathe out relax into the stretch a little more, feeling the muscles ease and elongate.

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