Comprehensive Information on Epidural Anesthesia (Part 2)

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Having read our first part of Comprehensive Information on Epidural Anesthesia (Part 1), here is the rest of the information…

What’s the role of the mother when taking the epidural needle?
Following are several steps that you have to follow when taking the epidural injection:
-You should use the restroom before taking the needle, as you won’t be feeling the need to urinate after getting the anesthetic.
-The best sitting position is arching your back forward, it is also recommended to hug a pillow when you take the needle.
-If you get contractions during the administration if the needle, then make sure you breathe deeply, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth without moving.
-It’s recommended to drink some water before and after administrating the needle; to maintain the normal level of blood and temperature, as the needle usually makes your blood pressure drop and your temperature rise.
_It is recommended not to take the whole dose of the tube’s liquid until you’re done pushing during delivery, so when the doctor asks you how much pain you feel, giving it a number between 1-10, you should give him a number two points lower than the actual number. That way he won’t give you the whole dose and you’ll have the best possible delivery, without needing to pull the baby’s head or having to resort to cesarean section.
Finally, not all women need epidural anesthesia. It is better to try pushing and breathing right during delivery to go through this naturally. However, the needle is recommended for women who have low tolerance for pain or haven’t done any techniques to facilitate a normal delivery appropriately, especially first time mothers. The needle is also the best choice for cesarean section, as it has less complications compared to general anesthesia.

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