How do you convince your child to go to the hairdresser?

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You don’t take a three-year-old to the hair salon. Instead, you carry a small pair of scissors and take care of the important bits yourself.

Later, however, the issue of the haircut becomes more difficult when the object is a child who won’t stop moving their head and categorically rejects what is happening to their hair.

It is natural for you to trim your little angel’s hairstyle as it begins to get overgrown; mothers all around the world do it.

But the day will come when continuing to do so becomes nearly impossible, and you will consider taking your toddler them to the hair salon. There, it will become clear that having a specialist cut your toddler’s hair is no less difficult.

Here are some important tips that might make it easier for you:

  • First, choose a hair salon specializing in children’s haircuts rather than your personal beauty parlour, as some mothers occasionally do. Your son may refuse to allow his hair to be cut in an environment full of strange women, though your daughter, like you, might prefer it.
  • A number of children’s hair salon owners have begun to specialize in dealing with this special sort of customer, speaking to them in their own language and outfitting their salons with games and decorations inspired by the cartoon heroes and beloved characters in a toddler’s world.
  • Prepare your toddler for new hairstyle day by making it an opportunity for entertainment and fun, planning a trip to the playground or to their favourite restaurant afterwards. This will make them feel that the haircut is not a punishment being imposed upon them.
  • Use the Internet to decide together which hairstyle your toddler wants, making sure that it’s in accordance with school policy. This will make them happier and more excited about the trip to the hairdresser.
  • Finally, keep repeating to them that a haircut is necessary to keep their hair clean and cut down on the accumulation of dirt and the potential of lice. Explain to your toddler that this is also an easy way to reduce sweating and keep them cool in the heat.

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