How Do You Deal with the Beginning of Your Baby’s Cough?

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Babies’ coughs are not always an emergency medical situation, and they’re not always a passing issue that can be dealt with lightly on the assumption that they’re the result of a simple cold or regurgitating fluids. Sometimes a child’s cough may be an indicator of another illness.

It’s up to you to assess your baby’s cough, as they cannot tell you how they are feeling. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


  • In the first two days of any cough, increase your baby’s liquid intake in small quantities; it helps dissolve the secretions that have built up around the pharynx.


  • Make sure the temperature in their room is around 20°C to avoid exposing them to dehydration. Put a bowl of water in their room if the air conditioner is on all the time; this will maintain an acceptable amount of humidity inside.


  • Sterilize the air in their room with drops of eucalyptus, thyme, or laurel by boiling these in some water and leaving the droplets to evaporate in the baby’s room. These oils have soothing and anti-cough properties.


  • If your baby’s cough is accompanied by a fever, it’s all right to give them a fever reducer from the Paracetamol family.


  • You must avoid giving your baby any cough medicine except in cases of a dry cough, which is very bothersome and prevents them from sleeping, and then only after a doctor’s checkup. Know that a wet cough helps get rid of phlegm and respiratory secretions.


  • Don’t panic if the cough is accompanied by morning vomiting; the secretions associated with the flu, for example, could seep into the respiratory system at night, which would lead to an attempt to get rid of them by vomiting and coughing hard.


  • If the coughing continues for more than five days and is accompanied by a high temperature and yellow secretions that your baby spits up, take them to the doctor to avoid complications like sinusitis or bronchitis.


  • Finally, if your baby’s cough is closer to a wheeze, wakes them up for hours during the night, and is accompanied by whistling in the chest, don’t wait even a day but call the nearest emergency room to receive the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible.

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