Diaper Bag Checklist

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Deciding what to pack depends on how long you will be out of the house, your baby’s age, any special needs and the weather conditions. When choosing a diaper bag, it is better to go for a lightweight bag with many pockets. It is a good idea to keep the bag restocked in advance for unplanned outings and emergencies. 

  •  Diapers:  

Deciding on how many diapers to pack depends on how long the baby will be out (baby needs around one diaper for every two hours), how old the baby is and the baby’s health status (in case baby is suffering of diarrhoea, he/she will need to change more often than usual).  It is always a good idea to pack extra diapers for emergencies. 

  • Wipes:

A large pack of wipes is always useful in cleaning the baby during changing his diaper. In addition, you could use it to clean your hands before and after diaper changing. Wipes are also useful to clean the baby’s mouth and clothes during meals. 

  • Diaper cream or ointment:  

Diaper creams or ointments are essential to prevent or to treat and soothe diaper rash. 

  • Changing pad:

Changing pads are necessary to carry when going out, as most places don’t have changing tables. It is best to use waterproof pads to protect the surface beneath it and around it; however if you can’t find any, use a towel or a cloth cover instead.

  • Plastic bags:

For dirty diapers and clothes.

  • A hand sanitizer:

To use before and after changing the diaper.

  • One or two changes of clothes:

In case of spitting or diaper blowouts.

  • Baby food and meal equipment:

Depending on the baby’s age and if he/she is breastfed or formula fed the following items should be packed when going out: milk bottles, packed formula in a small plastic container, water bottle, baby bib, burping cloth, baby food, spoons.

  • Medicines:

Pain and fever reducer and an antihistamine for allergies.

  • Pacifiers and toys:

For comfort and distraction.

  • Other items to pack according to baby’s status and weather:

Teething gel or rings, baby blanket and/or jacket, a hat for sun and a cap for cold, sunblock if baby is over 6 months.

  • Small purse:

The diaper bag could play a double role carrying the baby’s stuff as well as yours. You can put a small purse within the bag with all your stuff: keys, wallet, cell…

Aim to choose a bag which can carry all that you need including your own purse as this will be a lot simpler when out and about than juggling more than one bag as well as your baby.

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