Eating Well

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Now that there is a tiny human being growing inside you healthy eating is more important than ever. It is not just for the benefit of your little unborn child but also for yourself as it is understood that women who follow a nutritious diet and eat regularly tend to be less prone to pregnancy complications such as pregnancy anaemia, diabetes and un-necessary weight gain – as well as minimising fatigue, constipation and even morning sickness. 

Nature is clever and will ensure your unborn baby’s needs are met even if your diet is not perfect, which means that you can easily end up depleted in key nutrients that are essential to your own health and wellbeing, hence the importance of a recommended ante-natal multivitamin as well as paying attention to your nutritional intake.

In the first trimester it may be a challenge to eat much at all when morning sickness can strike at any time of the day and food aversions can make you feel queasy and unlike eating.  At this time it is best to try and eat little and often things that you can tolerate, and importantly try to make sure that what you are taking in really counts; as much as you may fancy a sweet treat or a bag of crisps these provide you with little or no nutrition and can lead to other problems. It really is worth trying to find foods you can snack on or light meals that are giving you sufficient nutrients to help your energy and mood levels too.

It you are already eating well when you become pregnant you will find eating healthily pretty easy particularly after the firsts trimester, but if you are following a less than healthy diet you can still learn to make healthy and tasty choices to give yourself and your baby the best nutrition you can. For almost all foods and recipes there are healthy and nutritious alternatives, it is a question of accepting the importance of what you put into your body and what you leave out during this crucial time, and committing to change the best that you can.

There are many resources to help you eat healthily, optimize your nutrition and enjoy your food during your pregnancy. You do not have to be a gourmet cook or have a huge knowledge of food to eat well; there are many simple and wonderful foods out there to have to hand and quick and easy recipes to help you make delicious nutritious meals and snacks for at home and on the move.  

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