Emotions in Pregnancy

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Women go through many biological and psychological changes during pregnancy, which starts from conception until giving birth. Such changes affect the pregnant woman’s practical, social and marital life. They also have a direct effect on the unborn baby; as it might become nervous, stubborn, and suffer from asthma and allergies that may lead to congenital malformations. In this article, we discuss the most important emotional and hormonal changes during pregnancy:

Emotional changes during pregnancy:

Scientists divide pregnancy into three trimesters, based on psychological fluctuations experienced by the pregnant woman:

– First Trimester, which lasts for the first three months of pregnancy. This is the most challenging period. The pregnant women could suffer pregnancy depression, where she becomes sensitive, emotional and irritable. Her emotions are volatile; she laughs quickly and cries quickly. Stress and anxiety also increase because of the risk of abortion during the first few months. Scientists found that the most physical symptoms associated with pregnancy such as nausea, the greater the impact of this phase on the woman’s emotions. Due to hormones, produced by the body to help relax smooth muscles, including the muscles of the stomach, the pregnant becomes unable to retain food and juices.

During the first trimester, you need to accept the idea of pregnancy. The more you desire pregnancy, the better you accept it. You should also be happy for being pregnant. Visit your doctor, and take the prescribed vitamins. You do not need to be over stressed or anxious if you follow the doctor’s advice. You will also be in desperate need for psychological support, especially from your husband. Talk to him about the changes associated with pregnancy, so he realizes that emotional swings are normal and happens to most women. Try to cope with the emotional and physical changes you go through.

– Second Trimester, which lasts from the fourth until the end of the sixth month of pregnancy. This phase is easier to most women; most physical symptoms of early pregnancy disappear. As more blood is pumped to the pelvic area, nausea symptoms, stress, and anxiety fade because pregnancy is stable now. Nipples sensitivity fades off so her desire to intimacy becomes higher. She starts thinking about her role as a mother, defining her options regard working after childbirth. Although this leads to the buildup of psychological burden, it remains the easiest phase of pregnancy.

– Third Trimester, which lasts from the seventh until the end of the ninth month of pregnancy. Tension and stress return. The pregnant starts thinking of labor pain, how the baby will look like, whether it is going to have any congenital malformations and the possibility of child death. She also suffers mixed feelings because she wants to put an end to the pregnancy journey, which was exhausting on the one hand, and her sadness to separate from her baby on the other hand. This phase is also associated with forgetfulness and lack of concentration due to pregnancy hormones.

During pregnancy, you should do things that increase your self-confidence. Particularly you are feeling that your body shape has changed and became less beautiful. Listen to your baby heartbeats, try to communicate with him, ask for help when preparing for birth and baby, and attend courses that prepare you to go through labor. Such courses also help you to draw a logical image of what to expect during labor; thus reducing the chances of postpartum depression. The partner role is so important in this stage; he should avoid negative comments on the pregnant woman body. Sexual intercourse increases your self-confidence and makes you feel desired and that your husband is not avoiding you.

Finally, doctors always tell pregnant women to follow a healthy diet during pregnancy. Emotions may have effects on her appetite, thus having a negative impact on both the mother and her baby. All you need to do is following the above tips to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

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