Health and Safety for Children

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As your child gets older, you begin to realize that you cannot be there at all times in order to protect them. Your child is becoming more active and more independent, which makes protecting them more challenging. It may be that at some point an accident and injury will happen and you will need to know how to handle the situation calmly in order to make sure that your child remains calm. You will also need to help teach your child how best to stay safe when you are not around. Teaching your child how to take steps towards responsibility for their own safely can make a huge difference in preventing disasters, so it is crucial to help your child learn.

Double Bracket: Mood swings are a completely normal part of pregnancy, however if you have a history of anxiety or depression keep an eye on them and consult your doctor if you feel too overwhelmed.

There are a lot of accidents that can happen when your child is outside playing. Some are preventable and educating your child and ensuring they have the right safety equipment for their activities will help your child to avoid a more serious injury. Anytime your child is playing a sport, it is so important to make sure that they have all of the safety equipment that they need including helmets, mouth guards, and other pads that will protect your child. If you are unsure of what to get your child in terms of protective wear, you can ask your child’s coach and they will be able to tell you of everything that is required and offer any suggestions for added safety measures. Protective gear is not just for playing sports. When your child is skateboarding or bike riding, a helmet is very important to protect your child from a very serious injury or even death. You may also consider getting your child other protective items like knee pads and elbow pads to offer your child more protection.

One of the most important things that you can do is to teach your child all about how to stay safe even then they are not doing any special activity.  Learning about stranger danger is vitally important and should be discussed and heavily emphasized to your child. However, there are also people who are not strangers that are often the perpetrators of abduction. You first of all need to remind a child that they should never approach someone that they do not know. It is important to teach them this lesson without un-necessarily frightening them. You should let them know that this is something that is serious but not scare them so that they have constant nightmares about being kidnapped. If they find themselves in a potential abduction situation, there are things that a child can do in order to help save themselves. They can grab onto a stationary object and refuse to release their grip, screaming as loud as they can, teaching them how to prevent an abductor from getting a grip on them, and making as much noise as possible by any means necessary.

Teaching your child how to stay safe will help to prevent an accident or some other tragedy when you are not around. Remember to emphasize all of the important safety tips so that they understand exactly how necessary they are.

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