How to babyproof for your crawling child

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The favorite time for mothers is when her little one starts moving around. This milestone starts when babies start to crawl, roll over onto their tummy. These steps are wonderful for sure, but require some precautions to keep your baby safe.

First: When your baby starts rolling over onto their tummy, you need to put the baby in a safe place so as not to fall down. Always be next to your baby. 

Second: As your baby starts to creep, make sure to keep the floor completely clean. At this stage, babies grab anything they find on the ground and put it in their mouths, because mouth is their first means to explore things. What would you do if your baby eat something he should not?! So make sure to always clean the floor.

Third: Try to lie down on your stomach in a creepy position to make sure that the area where your baby creeps is free from any dangerous pieces like buttons, coins, and other things.

Fourth: Set up a space for your baby to move freely and explore. Take away chairs or other furniture to help the baby move freely. You might need to leave a heavy chair around to help your baby to pull into a standing position and hold on to the chair.

Fifth: Buy a baby gate that would fit perfectly inside the entrance to your stairwell from both sides to prevent your baby from slipping while creeping. 

Sixth: Do not leave any furniture or objects near a window that your baby could climb up on, especially if they were seats or short tables.

Seventh: Do not keep strips near your baby so as not to wrap them around their neck, which may cause choking.

Eighth: Mothers usually put cleaning supplies on the lower kitchen shelves, but it would be better if you put them on the upper shelves, to protect the creeping baby from reaching them.

Finally, remember that your baby develops quickly, therefore do not be surprised of what they can do as their skills may develop overnight. Hence, make sure to keep dangerous object out of the reach of your baby.


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