How to establish bedtime routine for your baby

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There are simple steps to help your baby know the difference between day and night, but these steps need focus and patience from you. Eventually, your baby will get used to this daily routine.

Sleep preparations

Your baby needs to get used to having a warm bath and massage as the first step before going to sleep. Then you need to dress the baby for bed, dim the lights, switch off the TV, and create a calm atmosphere all over the house.  

Fun time!

Make this time your Baby’s best time. You can read a story, sing a quiet song they love, hug your bundle of joy and play simple games. You need to make the baby feel the warmth and containment and wait the interesting nighttime to listen to your compassionate voice while cuddling and hugging. 

DO NOT be nervous

Making your baby love or hate bedtime is in your hand, depending on your reaction. It is little wonder that your baby refuses to go to bed at first, but with patience, love, and smile, you will make your baby accept the idea of going to bed early. 

Make sure your baby’s needs are met before going to sleep. You should change the diaper, give your baby enough milk, and soothe the baby in case they suffer colic.

Follow these steps to develop a bedtime routine:

Consume the baby’s energy: Let your baby play a lot during the nighttime to consume their energy and feel sleepy. This will make the baby fall asleep faster.

Relaxing music: There is a lot of music that can help your baby relax. Search for these types of music online or on mobile apps.

Sleep in your bed: At times, you can sleep in your bed if it is attached to your baby’s cot, because seeing your eyes closed and sleeping will make the baby calm and fall asleep exactly like you.  

If you follow the above steps, you will help your baby know when it’s time to sleep and go to bed. With time, this will become a habit.


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