How to teach your kids real love

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For some reason, we always seem to associate the word “love” to the relationship between women and men only, when in fact it holds many elite meanings! To lead a happy life, you should teach your kids how to love others, themselves, each other, life, and all those around them…

Words can never express love
One of the mistakes we often make is teaching our kids love expressions without teaching them how to express love with their actions. To teach your kids what love is, they should feel it from those around them: how you love them, how you love your husband, how you love your parents, because kids learn from what they see a million times better than from what they hear from you.
Rest assured that disaffection doesn’t come out of anything, treating your kids with disaffection will make them feel it, and it will grow bigger as time passes, so you should always shower them with hugs and kisses.

Expressing love
Love for your kids must not be limited to mutual feelings; you should express love by exchanging gifts, even if they were of simple value, what matters is that they hold great meanings. Teach your kids to give gifts to you, to their father, and to each other. Pay attention to public and private occasions, make them visit their grandparents and give them gifts by themselves so they can learn how to express love.

Loving life
Your kids should enjoy life first in order to learn how to love it. Don’t deprive them of the permitted joys of life. Convince them why forbidden joys are forbidden. Take them on fun trips and make them contemplate the charming nature. This is how they will learn how to truly love life.

Loving themselves
You can’t love others unless you love yourself first. Your kids must feel that you love yourself and take care of yourself. Emphasize this meaning to them and convey the idea that every one of them should take care of, love and preserve himself. But be careful, there is a fine line between self-love and selfishness. They should love themselves and love others, do what makes others happy, and refrain from doing what is in their interest regardless of others’ feelings.

Love in adolescence
This is the dilemma that faces many mothers, how can I teach my son or daughter all the meanings of love and reject the love between a guy and a girl in their adolescence or before marriage in general? The idea here is parenting; your son or daughter should learn that love is of a higher value, and when it is between a man and a woman, it should be followed by marriage, it’s not just that kind of love which dies with the passage of time. Love will not be a problem if that idea is well established.

We wish you and your family a life full of love with each passing year…

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