Labor induction – when nature needs a helping hand

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Here are some tips for pregnant women who will give birth naturally, because they are prone to the problem of uterus muscles tightening and delayed birth. In such cases, they will need a helping hand to speed up the birth. The doctor may ask them to induce labor by hand.

Labor induction means stripping membranes to induce labor. This procedure can be performed by the doctor to measure the size of the uterus and examine the vagina. The doctor can also strip the membrane from the cervix that surrounds the fetus. The pregnant woman would feel some pain and might suffer light bleeding, but the process may contribute to the induction of labor. 

The doctor usually resorts to this method after the pregnant woman completes here last trimester and in cases of delivery delays after due date.

The prenatal physical examination and inducing labor by hand can be done for more than once. They become more difficult and painful if there are obstacles that hinder access to the cervical area, thus, the process needs to be discussed and pre-agreed on with the doctor.

Apart from inducing labor by hand, let’s find out the natural ways you can perform at home to induce labor:

Nipple Massage: Gently massage your nipples and the darker area around them until you begin to feel contractions surrounding the vagina. Performing this will help as it induces the production of oxytocin that causes the contractions in uterus and in turn stimulates delivery. 

In general, you can massage all parts of your body to stimulate delivery. 

Synthetic oxytocin injections: There are several types of injections that can build up contractions of the uterus and in turn cause cervical dilation. 

Finally, we recommend you to walk during the last stage of pregnancy because this exercise will help you go into labor quickly.

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