Milk Teeth: Valuable medical information you may not know

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Parents often wonder how to handle their children’s milk teeth (or deciduous teeth).Some believe there is no need to treat their children’s deciduous teeth since they will be replaced by permanent teeth.

“Providing dental care of milk teeth and protecting them from decay leads to healthier teeth in the future.This also makes molars or teeth fallout at the right time, allowing permanent teeth takes their right place. In contrast, losing milk teeth too early could lead to malpositioned permanent teeth later,” said FadiYacoub, orthodontist and orofacial specialist, and owner of Medic8 Clinic.

Dr. Yacoubaffirmsthat “Milk teeth need to be treated if decay lasts for more than six months.Leaving them untreated makes them more vulnerable to bacteria, whichwould not only affect the health of your child’s teeth or molars, but his/herhealth as well.Research proved that bacteria found inside the molar enter the body of your child while eating,causing him/her some diseases. There are also species of bacteria that may adheres to cardiacarteries, causing serious medical problems forthe child’s heart.”

Things you need to know

Dr. Yacoub shares some important tipsto helpprevent future damage of children’s teeth, namely:

  • Before the age of three, do not let your childrenbrush their teeth on their won, instead do it for them, using gauze wrapped around your finger to clean their teeth. This is enough to have a clean mouth.
  • After the age of three, you should teachthem how to brush their teeth properly, using a toothbrush and with a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste because fluoride makes teeth weaker.
  • Help your childget used to following a lifestyle thatprotectshis/her teeth from decay. For example, children should not eatcandies or chocolate after 7:00 P.M, instead they shouldeat carrot or apple that may help clean the mouth.
  • Do not give the milk bottle to your baby at night while sleeping, as this could be disastrous;leading to decayand damaging teeth. Make your baby drink a glass of water after milk at night to clean the mouth.
  • Giving your baby too much antibiotics may cause fundamental damage to the teeth, which appears as small colored spots. So,do not randomly use drugswithout a doctor’s prescription.
  • When a childloses any of his/her milk teeth before it is ready to fall out on its own, it should be replaced with what is called “Space keeper”, which maintains the space of a single tooth, and preventsmalpositioned tooth later.
  • “Thumb sucking” is one of the worst habits babies develop.It must be treated quickly, because it canaffect the formation of the jaw later on, and cause teeth misalignment that in turn affects pronunciation and swallowing.
  • Teachyour childrenthe importance of eating solid foods like apple, aschewing properly helpsjaws grows better.
  • Keep in mind that addressing problems regarding milk teeth, or“preventive treatment”, would prevent future complications, saving additional money on permanent teeth treatment.

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