New Hope for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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Dr Ashraf Al Salehi

Play Attention is the number one educational system to improve attention, behavior and cognitive functions of patients (adults and children) of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although there are other mental games and cognitive exercises, but they have the following flaws compared to the Play Attention system:

  • These games did not result in clear positive changes in students with ADHD, compared with Play Attention, which did.
  • Students who play these games needed more medication, but those who played with Play Attention did not.
  • Students who played with Play Attention maintained the benefits they gained when researchers repeated the test six months later.
    However, what makes Play Attention so different from other games?

Assume there is a child with ADHD playing mental games on a PC, how much attention would he be paying? The answer is undoubtedly not much. This means that regardless of the time a child spends playing a game, he/she will not benefit much. The general rule is that more attention means more learning.

Play Attention, however, contains a signal that measures the brain activity, which measures alertness. A player can only activate the game if he/she is fully focused and alert. Using the same technology, the player can move the game characters using his/her mind (or alertness). If the player loses attention, the game stops until he concentrates again.

  • Play Attention has helped thousands of ADHD patients improve their lives.
  • So far, Play Attention has five patents, and three studies are currently underway to support it.

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