Safety in Pregnancy

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Double Bracket: Never force your child to eat anything, but do offer on different occasions.Avoiding accidents and injuries is important all through life but even more so when you are pregnant. During pregnancy the need to be safe from any ill affect to you or your baby’s health is of prime importance. There are many things that need to be known, understood and practiced for a healthy and safe pregnancy.


 Fish and Seafood

While Fish and seafood are great sources of low fat nutrients; not all species are safe to consume during pregnancy. Some types of fish contain a high level of mercury, the intake of which during pregnancy is not advisable. Ask your doctor or physician about the specific food types to avoid during pregnancy. Allergic reactions from seafood and fish are also common, so it’s better to consult a physician before adding these to your diet.


The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is a complete NO! while some say a certain percentage of alcohol is fine, there is no conclusive study for the same. It’s best to steer clear from alcohol during pregnancy. Some medicines contain alcohol too; consult a physician before taking any kind of medication during pregnancy. The effect of alcohol on the child can be damaging for life!


Caffeine can cause anxiety and sleeplessness; both affecting your overall health. Caffeine also causes dehydration and heartburn for some. During pregnancy it imperative to be emotionally healthy and stress free and get adequate rest at all times. Avoiding caffeine or cutting down consumption is advisable for all.


Smoking or chewing tobacco during pregnancy seriously hampers the growth of the child. Moreover, second hand smoke also has a negative impact on the health of the child. It is advisable to not only stop smoking but also avoid smoking areas and rooms.


Eating foods that have food additives or processed food is unhealthy for the woman and also the child. A pregnant woman needs to eat food rich in nutrients and fiber. Tinned or canned food is best avoided during pregnancy. Eating raw fish or meat, without cooking thoroughly, increases risk of infections.


Popping in pills without consulting a physician can have severe effects on the mother’s and baby’s health. Pain killers or other medicines must be avoided, unless prescribed by a physician and safe for pregnant mothers.

Be safe, follow precautions and have a healthy pregnancy! 

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