Simple Steps to Stop Baby Colic

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If you’re a first time mother, you should know that it’s possible that your baby will get stomachaches repeatedly, which happens with all babies, but differs in the way the mother deals with it. You need to help your child get rid of this stomachache and avoid it through these simple steps:

One: Burping
It is very important to pat on your baby’s back after you feed him until you hear him burp, this is what helps him get rid of the gases causing the colic.

Two: Baby formula
If you give your baby formula in addition to or without breastfeeding, make sure you buy a good, guaranteed kind of bottle, making sure it’s closed tightly so that air doesn’t get in, as bad kinds of bottles would let the air into the baby’s milk, causing colic.
You should also pick the right kind of formula for your baby; experience shows that different kinds of formula suit different babies, as each kind contains different ingredients.

Three: Herbal teas
You can give your baby a daily dose of herbal tea such as aniseed, chamomile, and caraway to help clean his intestines and avoid aches or colic. There are packets that contain different kinds of herbs for babies available in pharmacies.

Four: Constipation
Many babies find it hard to defecate, causing them severe colic, which means you should help them do it. If your baby is constipated, you can help him by bending his knees toward his stomach gently to make it easier for him. But make sure you consult a doctor if the problem is severe.

Five: massaging your baby’s abdomen
Always try to massage your baby’s body, especially his abdomen. This helps him relax and reduces the possibility of getting these aches, if your baby gets colic, hasten to massage his abdomen and help him get the gases out.

Six: Cleanliness
Make sure that everything your baby touches, such as the bottle, your breast, his pacifier, or anything he puts into his mouth is clean, as any contamination could cause stomachache.

Seven: Stomachache medications
Some medications are commonly used to ease stomachache and stop colic. Ask your doctor what is best for your baby, and always have the medication at home to use it when necessary.
These ways will help your baby get rid of colic, there’s no need to worry if it happens, because it is natural. But try as much as you can to avoid its causes.

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