Six Months Old? Let’s Start to Read!

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Did you know that babies as young as six months old can start the journey of learning to read? Although of course they will not be reading independently at the age of six months they can certainly begin to understand about reading and the pleasure of books.  In fact it is never too soon to start reading to your baby especially with soft bright books that are made especially for babies which they like to hold and enjoy the vibrancy of color and texture. As soon as you like you can start sowing the seed for a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Double Bracket: Mood swings are a completely normal part of pregnancy, however if you have a history of anxiety or depression keep an eye on them and consult your doctor if you feel too overwhelmed.

How to start your baby on their great reading adventure

Most experts agree that you cannot formerly train your baby to read. In fact, expensive programs that have purported to prove otherwise have been largely discredited. However, experts do agree that, rather than to attempt to ‘teach’, it is good to introduce language and communication skills to babies six month plus by reading to them. It is a great idea to introduce the concept of reading into baby’s routine at this very early age.

At six months reading to your baby can be more structured and part of their usual routine. By reading to them you are introducing the idea that reading is an activity that is just as important as eating, sleeping and playing. They will soon respond to the soothing sound of your voice, and if the books have bright colors and pictures they will respond to the vibrant imagery. This is a wonderful bonding experience between you and your precious baby.

If you have older children, they should also be encouraged to read to their baby siblings – older children often love to do this as it makes them feel grown up.  You can even introduce babies six months plus to your local library. Many libraries will have storytelling and story reading corners specially set aside for babies and young children of this age group. This is just another way to incorporate the activity of reading into your child’s life and routine. It will also turn reading into a fun outing—something to be looked forward to with great anticipation.

Yet another great idea is to set aside a quiet area at home that is just for reading; this will introduce and enforce the idea that reading is an important past time. Babies, as young as six months old, will want to imitate their parents. Imagine how delightful it would be to be sitting in your reading nook enjoying a book or a magazine while your baby sits quietly doing their own ‘reading’ beside you!

Bedtime reading is a superb way to get your baby ready and settled for sleep. You will also find that, as your child grows, this will help avoid those terrible bedtime temper tantrums because bed will mean a story and, most importantly, mom’s or dad’s undivided attention.

Children love doing things with their parents; it does not always have to be about expensive toys and gadgets. A book is a whole world of adventure. One of the best gifts you can give your darling babies is to offer them the world of the imagination. Helping babies six months plus to read will set them on the right course for their entire lives.



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