The Smell of Newborns… Where Do They Get This Fragrance?

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Have you ever seen a mother not addicted to the smell of her new baby? Is it because they’re a part of her? Of course. Is it because it’s a natural smell that hasn’t yet mixed with the smells of the world? Perhaps.

But it’s also because the smell of newborns is breathtaking, magical, and undefinable, and is loved by mothers, aunts, grandmothers, neighbors, and anyone who comes near them.

The whole world agrees that the smell of a baby in their first few months is wonderful; they have one of the best smells in existence.

It has been medically proven that sniffing a baby stimulates the secretion of dopamine, which leads to happiness.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that this smell affects the mother’s brain in a way similar to the effect of drugs on an addicts’ brain: it leads to a demand for more and, as a result, to the desire to constantly hug the baby and sleep next to them to satisfy this desire.

Perhaps this is one of the major reasons for the mother’s attachment to her baby, and the extraordinary link between them, though it’s still impressive that a mother can distinguish her newborn baby’s smell among other babies’.

There is more than one interpretation of this wonderful fragrance emanating from the baby’s head and skin. Some attribute it to the secretions of chemicals from your baby’s glands; these chemicals are different from those secreted in adults because of the quality of the baby’s food, which consists only of milk.

There are also some who link it to the few remainders of vernix, the waxy substance encasing the baby’s skin in the womb, still on their skin after birth.

Others are content with hugging the newborns, and kissing and smelling them nonstop without asking questions to which no one has definitive answers except the creator of mankind and the universe, with all its marvelous fragrances.

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