When Do I Stop Using Baby Products?

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Your little angel is gaining in weight and height week after week, and you are watching with affection and wondering whether it is time to stop using baby products? Should I use adult shampoo on them now? Can I buy deodorant for them?

Here are answers to some of these questions about the right time to move towards grown up products.

  • Your child is now a toddler and has not stopped using special bath gel for newborns? Alright, you can move to one of those brands with a picture of their favourite cartoon superheroes on it; just check the instructions and the gel’s moisturizing capability. Take extra care in choosing if they have sensitive skin.
  • Does your child want to use hair gel? There’s no need to panic; use of this gel is safe, though preferably not daily. Just keep an eye out for the word “hypoallergenic” on the packaging and be sure it is free from alcoholic substances. It is also important for them to comb their hair before bed to get rid of any harmful residue.
  • Your child is six years old and very active; should you let them use their father’s antiperspirants? It may be preferable to substitute roll-on deodorant, free of aluminium chloride, to avoid the risk of skin irritation.
  • Your daughter is five years old and suffering from tangled hair after bath? It’s okay to use very small quantities of your conditioner to help, preferably if it contains softening milk for hair. But be careful not to overdo it when you wash her hair. The substance called sebum, secreted by her scalp, is necessary for nourishing her roots.
  • Finally, it is always preferable to use natural products free of paraben and alcoholic substances, and to use them in moderation.

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