You Think You Know a Lot about Children?

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With the birth of each new child, a mother experiences extraordinary things. Still, she may miss a lot about her little angel.

The first child in a mother’s life is another story filled with surprise and amazement.

Here are some of its secrets; you may discover that you don’t know that much about children.


  • Do you realize, for example, that your baby experiences certain psychological conditions in the womb? Three-dimensional ultrasound images have shown that the fetus cries, laughs, yawns, happily sucks their thumb, and hiccups. They even dream… even though they haven’t yet seen anything of the world!


  • And when they’re born, it’s sometimes said that they “see the light of day,” but they don’t see much of this light because the newborn’s field of vision is no more than 20 centimeters.


  • After birth, the newborn sees everything in black and white and must wait until their sixth week to be able to distinguish the colors red and green, and until their sixth or seventh month to see yellow and blue.


  • Between weeks 6 and 28, the baby’s nerve cells become more specialized, and their brain begins to recognize their surroundings and adjust to many details.


  • During their “stay” in your womb, the fetus listens to your voice, of course, and hears all the other sounds around them, but they only recognize your voice after birth.


  • If you listen to certain music regularly during pregnancy, this music itself can calm them and make them happy during times of tension, crying, or even colic after birth. Still, don’t overuse with this strategy, as it may lose its effectiveness.


  • Your baby may not keep all the hair they were born with; many newborns lose their hair after birth because of the lowered levels of the hormones their mother transmitted to them during pregnancy. Know that the color of their new hair, and even its texture, may be different.


Your little one will grow so quickly that you may not be conscious of what is going on. If they’re born naturally, their weight will double in 4 to 5 months. And when they blow out their first candle, they’ll weigh three times as much as they did at birth… perhaps more.

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