Three fascinating facts about babies

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1. Forgetful babies!


Babies forget everything that they lived and experienced in the first three years of their life. Neuroscientists call it ‘infantile amnesia’. And some have even given several theories on why it occurs.

2. Your baby has an accent!

Your baby cries in your accent. A research team from the University of Wurzburg found that babies pick their mother’s native tongue in the last three months of pregnancy. They even reflect the characteristics of their mother tongue in the pattern of their cries after birth. So it is possible to tell the difference between babies of different nationalities and regions just by their cries and gurgles.

3. Left handed or right handed child? It is influenced in the womb!


Even when a baby is in the womb, he or she will use one hand more than the other. Research has found that babies go on to prefer to use the same hand they favoured in the womb after they have been born.


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