Toddler – Making Bath Time Fun

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Toddler bath time should be fun and functional for both you and your child, however this essential task can sometimes be fraught with tension and tantrums leaving everyone feeling stressed. Bath time is often soon before bed time so your toddler may try to extend it as long as possible to enjoy the fun and attention by being less then cooperative with your attempts to get the job done!

Safety first – be prepared!

Make sure you have all you need ready for bath time – do not ever leave your toddler unattended in the bath even for a second. Soap, shampoo, towel, nightclothes and bath toys must all be to hand before your toddler gets in.

Here are some tips for making bath time a fun experience for your toddler:

  • Bath toys are great and can be as simple as filling and emptying containers of water – toddlers usually love this.
  • Bath time songs are great to keep everyone happy.
  • Use bath bubbles to create landscapes and scenes for your toddler to play with their bath toys, steer their boats through and float their fish and ducks.
  • Reading and looking at picture books especially designed for the bath are great distractions.
  • Magnetic letters, number and characters which stick to the side of the bath can be great fun and help with learning.
  • Bath paints and crayons let your little one explore their creative side.

Tips to get a reluctant toddler out of the bath!

  • Involve them with putting their bath toys away one by one.
  • Let the water out and race against the water to empty the toys out with your child being the last one to leave the bath!
  • Make sure you have a warm fluffy towel ready and plenty of cuddles.
  • Give your toddler warning that bath time is coming to an end but that a bedtime story awaits.

Making bath time fun is the key to getting your little one to look forward to getting into the bath and wanting to stay in it long enough for you to attend to the real purpose of the bath, getting them clean!

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