Treating minor eye injuries

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Thankfully serious eye injuries are common and must be attended to by qualified professionals.

However, most eye injuries are minor and are just the result of soap or getting a speck of dirt under the eyelid.


Signs and Symptoms

·         redness

·         stinging or burning

·         watering

·         sensitivity to light

·         blurred vision

·         swelling of the eyelids

·         discoloration around the eye


What to Do

If you think your child has a particle in the eye or a minor irritation, be sure to:

·         Wash your hands before touching the eye area.

·         Flush the eye with water as soon as possible:

·         Tilt the child’s head over a basin or sink with the affected eye pointed down.

·         Gently pull down the lower lid.

·         Gently pour a steady stream of lukewarm water over the eye.

·         Flush the eye for up to 15 minutes, checking every 5 minutes to see if the foreign body has been flushed out.

Seek Medical Care if Your Child Has:

·         been struck in the eye with a ball or other object

·         a red or irritated eye

·         eye discomfort

·         a swollen, red, or painful area around the eye or eyelid

·         an eye that’s very sensitive to light


Seek Emergency Care Immediately if Your Child Has:

·         trouble seeing

·         been exposed to chemicals

·         something embedded in the eye

·         severe eye pain

·         blood in the eye

·         nausea or vomiting after an eye injury



Think Prevention!

Prevention is always better than cure and even more so with something as delicate as your child’s eyes. Keep chemicals and other potentially dangerous objects out of the reach and encourage your kids to wear goggles or protective spectacles in dusty conditions.



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