Videos and Your 6-9 Month Old Baby

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You might be surprised to notice how much your baby is comprehending during the 6-9 month developmental stage. While personal interaction is still the thing that your baby needs most, there are some fun videos out there to enhance their daily learning. Your baby will start to recognize their favorite characters and learn new words during this time. Videos can be worked into family time for a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Double Bracket: Videos in moderation can be really fun and beneficial for your baby; pick interactive videos and make time to watch them together.

Think Interactive

Kid’s shows from infant to toddler often have an interactive perspective. The characters are given a dialogue that involves the children watching them. While little babies aren’t ready to get up and dance or shout out answers to questions, they can start learning from these shows now. Your 6-9 month old will enjoy getting involved with the activities they see on their videos. Parental involvement at this point can be very helpful. Sit with your baby during video time and teach them to clap their hands with the music. Sing the songs along with musical shows and talk about the different things you are seeing. You may just find out you have a little dancer on your hands. You will also enjoy listening to your baby babble in response to the different characters they see and hear.

Moving On

Your 6-9 month old baby is probably able to sit up now, or will be sitting up soon. This will enable them to have a better view of their videos, even when you are not holding them. It may not be quite time to throw away all of the early infant videos, but you might want to start looking for some new ones. Your baby will be learning simple words very soon and will benefit from shows with a repetitive nature aimed at teaching simple concepts. You can carry on the video concepts and words into conversations with your baby throughout the day to reinforce new words. 

Identifiable Characters

Yes, it will begin soon – your baby will start to recognize those toys at the store. You still have a little while before they start dragging you through the isles at the toy store begging for their favorite video friend themed stuffed animals, but get ready for it. Your baby can start recognizing more things now. Watch some videos with your baby to increase your time together and to help you recognize when they start talking about those fun characters. 

Video time with your baby can be fun and productive. Videos at this stage can be used for some new learning experiences as well as quality family time. Be sure to acquire some videos that encourage interactive physical and cognitive behavior. Look for videos with new themes and identifiable characters with names. Easy to remember songs with hand gestures can be fun to sing with your baby. They can clap and move around to the beat. They will be likely also to start to pick up on some simple words sometime during this fun developmental period from 6-9 months. 

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