Videos for Babies Ages 3-6 Months of Age

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There seems to be big debate over screen time when it comes to babies. After all, we are living in a world where kids are spending hours every day on computers and video games. We often wonder how this is affecting their development and if we are encouraging bad habits. You can take some of this unease away and introduce videos in an appropriate and limited way.                                         

Double Bracket: Screen time with your baby should be a special part of your day where other siblings can join in and help your baby to clap and sing along.

What to Watch

Babies at this age usually are not even sitting up yet. Any videos you choose will most likely be heard more than they are seen. Do a little research on sounds and music that are beneficial to development. Classical music is always a good choice. As far as the graphics are concerned, babies may like to see bright colors and simple pictures. If you have other children, you most likely already have these types of videos. Whether it’s a brightly colored talking dinosaur or a singing group with kid’s songs, your baby will enjoy the new experience. Use appropriate volume and time frames so as not to overwhelm your baby. If you see any signs of overstimulation, turn off the video and give your baby a little break.

Family Time

Make the most of screen time by making it a family affair. We all need a break and often use the television to grab our child’s attention long enough to take a quick shower or eat lunch. Just try not to make this the only way your baby is introduced to videos. Your baby will need help sitting up anyway, use video introduction as a time to hold and snuggle your baby. Involve older siblings and make it a special part of your day. You can also sing or dance along with the music while holding your baby. This will help a lot in establishing limits on screen time and making it more special.Baby care often takes the bulk of our time, leaving older siblings feeling left out. Video time is a great way to bring everyone together.

There are Videos Made Just for This Age

Look around at stores and do your research. There are videos specifically for enhancing the learning process of all ages of babies. You can choose from music enhancement, abstract art, and learning to talk videos. The possibilities are endless. Some are made with research in mind. Some professionals have devoted themselves to studying how babies perceive information and learn. There are many video options to choose from that are meant to accomplish specific goals for your baby. 

It is difficult to avoid the influx of media that is incorporated into our daily lives. We become all the more aware of the effects of videos when fostering young developing minds. It is important to be aware of the benefits and risks of videos for babies. Spend quality time with your baby and incorporate video time into family time when you can. Try not to get overwhelmed with the choices and enjoy your baby through this exciting stage.

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