Weird dreams in pregnancy

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If you have weird dreams during your pregnancy, rest assured you are not alone. According to psychological research, dreams are one method that our brain uses to prepare us for life’s shocks and difficulties. Having a baby is a pretty stressful affair; couple this with a whole new set of hormones and it’s no wonder we have strange dreams!

Don’t worry if you have scary dreams about something bad happening. Dreams are NOT portents of the future and you are NOT psychic. 

Here are some strange but very common dreams that you might experience during pregnancy, and some thoughts from Baby-Arabia as to why you might be having them.

Six Strange but True Common Pregnancy Dreams

1. Water

Dreaming about water is particularly common during the first trimester and it’s usually about our emotions and feelings.

Still water represents calm and emotional security. You are probably very settled and comfortable with the idea of having a baby.

A dream about a tidal wave or a fast flowing river could mean there’s an emotional change coming up in your life. Don’t worry though, your dreams are preparing you for change and this is just part of your minds response to your new situation.

2. Taking pictures

Photographs are a way of preserving and recording life. Taking photos in a dream is a sign that you’re trying to get the most natural and healthy perspective on what you’re trying to achieve.

It might also mean that you are worried about change and want to hold onto things from your life prior to motherhood. Again, this is all part of your minds clever way of preparing you for change.

3. Taking a trip

Dreaming about going on a trip is about the lifelong journey you’re about to start. 
If you walk, it means that you’ll take your pregnancy step by step, whereas if you run, it means you already know how to be a mom.

Driving in a car means you have personal or profession ambitions and flying in an airplane means you have ideas about how you’ll raise your child.

4. The sex of the baby

If you dream about the gender of your baby, don’t give it too much credit.

You can’t predict the sex of your baby through your dreams. However your brain can experiment with the feelings of motherhood and the different feelings you may have about giving birth to a girl or a boy

5. Small animals and insects

It’s common for women to dream about small animals, like a puppy. The meaning behind the type of animal that you dream about is highly dependent on your feelings towards these animals. However a puppy dream probably indicates the unconditional love and affection that you will give and receive as a mother.

6. Forgetting the baby

If you dream that you have forgotten your baby somewhere, it may mean that you’re thinking about what you may have to give up after your baby is born. You may be worrying about your career or giving up that painting class you’ve been taking.

It may also just be a way that your brain is reinforcing the importance of looking after baby properly. Your mind is showing how you might feel if you forgot your baby just so you don’t ever do it!

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