Welcome your new “Baby Boy” with fresh hospitality food ideas

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The hospitality food decorations are getting increasingly elegant season by season, with more innovations and creative designs. For new hospitality ideas in welcoming a new baby boy, “Baby-Arabia” has conducted an interview with the owner and head of design at “Le Donjon”, Nagham Ayyash, who says,
“If the new comer is a baby boy, it would be better not spreading accessories all around the house, but rather put them in one specific space in order to highlight the event and give it more importance, unlike dinner or lunch evenings, where every part in your house must be highlighted.”
Regarding the best way to offer hospitality food, Ayyash says that customs and traditions differ from one region to another and from one country to another. There are those who prefer luxurious trays made of silver, albulxi, or upholstered wood in luxurious fabric. Meanwhile, there are people who prefer putting their hospitality food on a table (or a stand), put in a certain place in the living room or entrance so that guests can pick whatever they like before leaving the house.
Regarding the flavors of hospitality food, Ayyash says, “every year we seek to develop the flavors, both for chocolate bars or other types of desserts that are served as hospitality food on the occasion of the arrival of a baby boy. We create new fillings, but without giving up the old flavors, especially the successful ones, which are being ordered not stop. Now, we have developed new fillings of lotus biscuits, cotton candy, and other different types of nuts and delicious cream.”
Finally, Ayyash tells mothers who wish to have refreshed ideas for hospitality food after giving birth to a baby boy to try as much to change the classic blue color, search for new ideas and have the courage to use them, because they will absolutely come inevitably distinct in case they were made at the hands of creative designers.









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