Working Mothers – A Healthy Mother, a Healthier Family!

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All over the world, working mothers juggle between work, kids, a husband and having time for herself. She is so focused on work and family that she often forgets to take care of herself, make wise food choices and stay fit.

 Here are some helpful, practical tips for all working mothers to find ways for a healthier life. 

Start with a healthy breakfast:

  • If you skip breakfast, chances are you will snack more often, and most likely on high fat, high sugar foods. Women who skip breakfast tend to do most of their eating in the evening, after they’re done with work and family duties. Eating less than three meals and especially late slows your metabolism in the long run.
  • Research also shows that the problem-solving skills needed at work are not as sharp in women that miss breakfast. 
  • You’ll be setting a good example for your husband and kids and teaching them healthy habits.

Stay hydrated:

Drink 2 glasses of water before getting dressed in the morning to help you feel fresh and comfortable all day long. Keep a big bottle of water at your desk, in your car or in your handbag depending on the nature of your work. Water intake helps you:

  • Regulate body temperature and give you energy.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and prevent early skin aging.
  • Prevent the formation of kidney stones and constipation.
  • Prevent water retention and bloating.

Keep healthy snacks at your reach:

  • Fresh and dried fruits, cereal bars, low-fat sugar-free fruit yogurts, dark chocolate (for the sweet tooth)
  • A small bag of baked chips or plain fat-free popcorn, crackers and low-fat cheese (for salty crunchy snacks lovers.
  • A toast with a slice of low fat cheese (a good appetite suppressant).
  • A handful of raw walnuts, almonds, seeds & hazelnuts (healthy fats and appetite suppressants)
  • Don’t wait till it’s too late. Have a snack every 2 to 3 hours, when you are already hungry you tend to grab a high fat candy bar or a bag of chips without thinking.


Watch out for your lunch:

  • Prepare twice a week foods that last: roast turkey, roast chickens, bake whole wheat pasta, sliced meat and smoked turkey…and keep it available for healthy quick lunches. 
  • Clean and cut raw vegetables and pack them in plastic bags to grab and go.

Coffee and Tea:

A lot of coffee during the day can cause many symptoms that you may often ignore:

  • Excitement, nervousness, insomnia, fast heartbeats, restlessness, digestive disturbances.
  • A lot of coffee is roughly more than 4 cups of coffee or 5 cups of tea a day. 
  • Limit your intake to 2 cups of tea/coffee per day.
  • Go for hot infusions, herbal teas chamomile, green tea…it’s soothing and hydrating at the same time.

Post-work syndrome:

Most working women have the habit of nibbling on foods as soon as they step in the house whether hungry or not. This is partly an expression of relief and a kind of indirect reward for their hard work. If you have this syndrome try one of the following when you go back home after work

  • Lie down for 5 minutes in a dark silent room and perform some deep breathing to help your body replenish oxygen.
  • Take a long soothing shower with aromatherapy soaps to help relieve stress.
  • Have a herbal infusion on your balcony, garden, yard or in a quiet place.


  • Make a commitment to exercise seven days a week. Begin with 10 minutes of activity every day; this can be broken down any way you need it throughout the day.
  • A jog or a brisk walk every day. 
  • Stretching at your desk. 
  • Housework: it burns calories, and you have to get the work done anyway.
  • Games with your kids outdoors.
  • Keeping a record of your activities and their duration.

A healthy body goes along with a healthy mind. Take time off for your pleasure, your hair care, your nails neatness, your skin freshness and your friends. And always remember a healthier you is definitely a better mother, wife and working woman.

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